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Patti Morrisson
Patti Morrisson
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" Tyler came to address an issue with our kitchen sink clogging. He was prompt, professional and explained everything he was doing. It was a pleasure having him in our home. He did a thorough job and we believe he went above and beyond in making sure our issue was resolved to our satisfaction. I'd feel more than comfortable referring Tyler to friends. "
John Henninger
John Henninger
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" We dealt with Ben, Nija, and Jacob today and all three were great!!! Honest, professional, and informative is what we got from them. They also answered all of our questions with no hesitation and provided great all around service. Hopefully we don’t have to see them soon, but if someone else does, I’d highly recommend this group. Thanks for everything! "
Bennie Williams
Bennie Williams
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" The call to schedule an appointment was pleasant and choices were offerred. The technicians called on the day of the appointment to let us know when to expect them, arrived and went straight to work after being briefed and given a tour. The inspection and work was accomplished in a timely manner. The charge was less than I expected. I requested and received an estimate for additional work in a timely manner "
Mary Mosher
Mary Mosher
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" Tyler of Rooter Man of Savannah did a great job at my daughters house yesterday. Very nice guy and got the job done. He stayed until he knew the problem was fixed. I am a real estate agent so it nice when you find a good trade you can recommend. Tyler gets 5 stars from me!!! "
Melisha Kreppein
Melisha Kreppein
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" The entire process from calling and talking to a live person at 7:30am to the call telling me a technician was on the way to the service call itself was very smooth. Mike B, my technician, was courteous and professional. He diagnosed the problem and completed the service in a quick but thorough way. I was very pleased with the service and would use them again. BTW price was fair as well. "

Sewer Line Repair + Replacement

The most common cause of sewer line problems in Savannah, Georgia are tree roots. We love the incredible tree canopy in Savannah, but underground is a world of pain for your sewer pipes. Tree roots are always seeking moisture and your sewage pipes are a great source of that. Over time, a sewer pipe can flex and bend. This flexion can cause little cracks to emerge that leak out small amounts of moisture. This is all a tree root needs to become attracted to your pipes and start burrowing.

Sewer Line Repair

Rooter Man offers sewer line repair, sewer line replacement and sewer line installation. We can repair any type of sewage pipe problem you may have, including:

  • Broken or collapsed pipes
  • Cracked or offset pipes
  • Blockages from grease buildup
  • Blockages from foreign objects
  • Corroded pipes
  • Bellied pipe (pipes that sink creating a valley that collects waste)
  • Broken seals between pipes
  • Roots in sewer line
  • Removal of substandard pipes

Here is a list of the different methods we may use to fix your sewage line. After we have assessed the nature of your problem we will employ one of the following techniques

When you require professional, Savannah sewer line repair and replacement that’s affordable and done to code, call us at (912) 430-8597 to make it happen.

Conventional or trench method

A backhoe may be used to open a trench to access the entire pipe system. The pipe is than removed, replaced and afterwards, the entire trench is filled in again.

For Trenchless Sewer Line Repair options Click Here!

Trenchless Methods

In some scenarios we may not have to dig up the entire space to gain access to your problematic sewer line. Digging a large trench can be very invasive and is rather inconvenient. Trenchless methods of sewer repair can last up to 50 years. They include:
Pipe Bursting

An ingenious, new method of sewer line replacement that involves running a new pipe through the old one. Only two holes are dug (at the beginning and end of the line) and the old pipe is shattered by the new one. The damage to the surrounding landscaping is minimal and can be specially useful when the sewage line runs under your home or tarmac driveway.

Pipe Relining

The practice of inserting a flexible resin coated tube into the broken pipe. The resin hardens over a short period of time and what you have left is a pipe inside a pipe. Sure, the diameter of the pipe is a quarter inch smaller, but it is by no means unable to function as a perfectly good sewer pipe.

With the latest technology, hard work and technical skill, Rooter Man in Savannah, GA can tackle any sewer issue affordably and on time. Call (912) 430-8597 today and let’s get started.


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